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With the advent of social media and blogging being used as a promotional tool, many e-commerce merchants want to integrate their online store with their blog sites and/or utilize the WordPress software they’re most familiar with to design and run their online store.

The following are five plugins and five themes that allow merchants to use WordPress to set up and manage a wordpress ecommerce store.

5 WordPress E-commerce Plugins

Here are five plugins that allow a merchant to add e-commerce store functionality to their existing themes.  These offer a convenient way to convert a site without a complete redesign.

1. WP E-commerce

WP E-commerce is an e-commerce store plugin that works with many standard WordPress themes.  It supports popular payment methods such as PayPal and Google Checkout along with more traditional forms such as recording checks and money orders.  Features such as multi-tier pricing, cross-sells, and quantity discounts are also included along with many other features necessary for selling products online.

Price: Free  |  Learn more.

2. WooCommerce

The WooCommerce plugin can integrate with standard WordPress themes, or easily go with one of Woothemes’ themes.  It features a robust set of reporting tools, flexible tax calculations, integrations with popular payment methods such as PayPal and Google, and many order management and inventory management features.

Price: Free (with premium extensions available)  |  Learn more.

3. Jigoshop

Jigoshop features many basic e-commerce features, such as order and inventory management and goes further by offering even more integrations and features through additional, purchasable extensions.

Price: Free (with premium extensions available)  |  Learn more.

4. Cart66

Cart66 has both free and premium versions.  The free version has basic order management features, with the premium versions adding essential functions such as inventory tracking, live shipping rates, and sales reports.

Price: Free – $299  |  Learn more.

5. Shopp

Shopp is a full-featured shopping cart that includes many order and inventory management features along with SEO features, a WordPress integration, and integrations with popular payment gateways.

Price: $55 – $299  |  Learn more.

5 WordPress E-commerce Themes

The following are five themes designed specifically for e-commerce sites to make it easier to have an online store and blog on the same site.  Some of these themes require one of the plugins listed above for full functionality.

1. Lorem & Ipsum

Lorem And Ipsum WordPress E-commerce ThemeLorem & Ipsum is one of the newest e-commerce themes available through the marketplace. It offers unlimited color customization to make the theme fit with your existing brand, and you can choose from multiple slider options depending on how you want to feature your products. This is a WooCommerce theme, so you’ll need that plugin to take full advantage of the e-commerce features.

Price: $55  |  Learn more.


Blanco WordPress E-commerce ThemeBLANCO is a clean and elegant WordPress e-commerce theme. It offers compatibility with two different e-commerce plugins including the WooCommerce plugin and the WP E-commerce plugin from The great thing about a simple, clean e-commerce theme like this is that all of your visual emphasis goes toward your products.

Price: $55  |  Learn more.

3. Opulence

Opulence WordPress E-commerce ThemeThis WordPress e-commerce theme is another pretty clean option. It’s promoted as a theme for fashion retailers, but the simple design means you could use it for just about anything. The design is responsive, and it is currently compatible with three different e-commerce plugins — WP e-commerce, Jigoshop, and WooCommerce.

Price: $59  |  Learn more.

4. Organic Shop

Organic Shop WordPress E-commerce ThemeOrganic Shop is another WooCommerce theme. While the default version is designed with organic, beauty, and spa products in mind, it offers greater flexibility than that. The design is still on the simple side, and it gives you the opportunity to choose from unlimited color schemes. That means you can tailor the look of this e-commerce theme to any product type you can imagine.

Price: $55  |  Learn more.

5. Handmade

Handmade WordPress E-commerce ThemeHandmade is different than the other designs we’ve featured here because it doesn’t use a minimalist design scheme. It’s more for crafty or feminine e-commerce shops. But that’s why it stands out. You’ll need the WooCommerce plugin for this theme. The included OCMX framework makes it easy to incorporate ads into your shop if you need an additional income stream.

Price: $55  |  Learn more.

More WordPress E-commerce Themes

The e-commerce themes above were some of my favorite designs. There are quite a few more options though. Here are some “runners-up” that you might want to consider:

Share your thoughts.  What WordPress e-commerce carts do you use? Do you have a favorite WordPress e-commerce theme that we haven’t mentioned here? Tell us about it in the comments.

Selecting keyboards for PCs
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Keyboard manufacturers have quietly changed their keyboards and they do not make it easy to notice BEFORE you order it online or buy it and get it home.

Before you buy a new keyboard, here’s what you need to know:

Many are NOT traditional desktop size or layout any more. The default has changed to a laptop layout with flatter keys in a different place. The keys may also be smaller than you’re used to and the keyboard may be flimsy and have a totally different feel.

Here are the choices you have to make to choose the right keyboard:

  • Wireless, USB (flat connection), PS/2 (round, purple connector) or ADP jack (Apple) ~ Not sure what these are? See the images on this page.
  • Layout: QWERTY (what most of us use), AZERTY, QWERTZ, HCESAR or one-handed?
  • Standard (traditional desktop), laptop (flatter, smaller with the insert, home, end, delete, page up and page down keys in a different location than PCs originally used),
  • Standard, illuminated, lighted or backlit ?
  • Special keyboards; ergonomic, multi-media, gaming, “Internet”, membrane, glass, larger keys or larger print type



Not a computer geek? One thing you’ll want to know is the difference between commonly used cables. Originally, mice and keyboards used what are known as PS/2 connectors. The keyboard connection is purple and the mouse is green. See the image below:

Old style computer keyboard connection
jack PC keyboard with PS/2 connection ~ Image Credit: ©Depositphotos/jannyjus

Newer keyboards and mice and many other peripheral devices usually attach using USB connections. (See the image below.) A USB cable has a flat end and newer computers have many USB ports on them – sometimes on both the front and the back. There are also storage devices that plug into USB ports as do wireless keyboards and mice.

Newer PC keyboards have USBs
PC keyboard with USB cable ~ Image Credit: ©Depositphotos/eteimaging

Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of the above. Unless you or the person you’re buying for have special needs, here are some tips to help you:


  • If the person using it primarily uses a laptop they might want one of the new laptop layout keyboards so the keys are in the same place and the keyboard feels the same.
  • For a desktop computer user or someone who does data input or types for a living, avoid the new smaller laptop layouts and choose a standard size and layout with curved key tops.
  • Serious bloggers who spend a lot of time online and especially those who are over 40 might love a lighted, large print keyboard like the AZIO 3 color LED Bold x2 Large Print keyboard I’m typing this on.
  • If maximum productivity interests you and are willing to learn a new layout, consider testing a one-handed keyboard
  • Some swear by ergonomic and split keyboards, but most who try them don’t like them or end up sticking with them. More might use them if the cost of trying them out weren’t so high.

You can’t really know how you will like a keyboard until you use it. I had a friend pick up a replacement keyboard and that is when I found out that the default style had changed.


The new Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 is very different than a traditional Logitech. Even though it was obvious the layout was different, the size was smaller, the keys were flat and even the mouse was downsized, I thought I would eventually get used to it. I didn’t.

These smaller, flatter keyboards are harder to stay centered on so you make more typos. The little nub that tells you you’re on the right keys is less obvious so when you move the mouse and back you end up on the wrong key.

The smaller keys and mouse make my hand cramp – and I have really small hands. So I really doubt that men or anyone who types a lot would prefer this smaller size.

It is likely that many major brands will be defaulting to a laptop type keyboard, so if you use a desktop or type for a living you’ll want to be more selective. If you primarily use a laptop, you may want to scoop up this deal:

Logitech MK360 mouse keyboard wireless combo
Clearance Priced Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 at


I almost didn’t order the AZIO keyboard because some of the reviewers did not like the difference in how the keyboard feels. It has a lighter, bouncier touch than the keyboards I usually prefer.

The keyboard having choices of three colors of lighting (blue, red, or purple) makes it easier on my eyes. Personally I prefer the blue, but reviewers have other preferences.

For me as a power user, there is no perfect keyboard because what
I most want is a lighted keyboard with curved keys, larger type,
and action like the original IBM and DELL keyboards had.

The only way you’ll know for sure is to try one – and they are fairly inexpensive, so if being able to type without other lighting on and read keys in less than optimum conditions appeals to you, I encourage you to take one for a spin.

My eyes and hands appreciate the one I have. The image below shows the three colors and the larger keys with big letters. Perfect for someone who needs reading glasses, but doesn’t wear them when typing. Click the image below for product reviews and more details.

AZIO Large Print Lighted PC Keyboards
Image Credit: ~ They have this keyboard at a great price.


If you’re buying online, you may have to look at many images to try to figure out which keyboards have flat versus curved keys and which layout they use (standard or laptop).  You can also read the reviews to help you decide. See my tips in Deals or Duds: How to Save Big and Avoid Getting Burnt.

While big box stores and Amazon are good places to read reviews and see all the choices, I encourage you to support your small local computer repair shop or independent online ecommerce store.

Amazon and corporate brands are cheaper because they squeeze their suppliers and retailers and keep the profits for themselves. This creates economic decline and eventually we end up with only businesses that are barely surviving or have already failed and jobs that do not pay a living wage.

Spend a little more and have the satisfaction of knowing you made the world a better place. You’ll also get better service and have someone to get assistance from when you have a computer problem.