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“There’s an app for that” is an understatement as Apple’s App Store has thousands of apps that turns browsing for cool apps into an overwhelming experience. Some we couldn’t begin to fathom an app exists as you’ll see from this list. Here we pick a handful that you’ll find useful.

BeFunky Photo Editor

BeFunky Photo Editor

The built-in iPhone camera app doesn’t have editing features. It takes too much time to upload the photo to a computer or use a web-based app to edit it. Save time by editing right in the iPhone with a photo editor app like BeFunky Photo Editor. Its features include crop, effects, rotate, sharpen, photo frames and photo sharing through popular social networks.

Find My iPhone / Find My Friends

Find My Friends

With and Find My iPhone, you can locate your misplaced iPhone. It may not be able to tell you the exact spot in your home, but at least you have it for those times when you lose track of it. What if a family member or friend hasn’t heard from you and wants to check on you? Using isn’t an option because you’d have to share your Apple ID — an unacceptable option. Work around that with Find My Friends. You send an email request to family and friends to get and give permission to track each other. When they approve, you’ll be able to track each other as long as the “Hide from Followers” option isn’t off.

Flashlight (O)

Flashlight for iPhone

The light from the iPhone can help you navigate darkness, but it may not be bright enough or you have to keep touching the screen to prevent it from dimming. Flashlight (O) is brighter and comes with a strobe light and a built-in compass. Be aware apps like this drain the battery when in use.

LuxeFinds Color Shopping Engine

LuxeFinds Color Shopping Engine

You need to find black shirts for everyone for the family photo or you need a pair of shoes in a certain color. Just pick the color you want and LuxeFinds Color Shopping Engine lists items matching the color. If only the app could search for tables, bedding and kitchen items.


OpenTable for iPhone

While you’re out, you decide you want to go to a restaurant. Rather than using one of many local places finder apps, use OpenTable. You not only find nearby restaurants, but also you can view menus and make your reservations within the app.


PaperKarma for iPhone

Tired of getting snail mail spam? Take a picture of the latest junk mail and submit it to PaperKarma. The app keeps track of all your submissions letting you know the status of each. It works because we’ve received noticeably less junk mail since we started using this.


ShopSavvy for iPhone

Don’t you hate it when you’re in a store and don’t know if the product you’re looking at is a good price? Use ShopSavvy to scan the barcode or QR code to get a list of prices from local and online stores. The app won’t have every local store, but it’s adding more stores.

Tunein Radio

Tunein Radio

TuneIn radio lets you access over 70,000 radio stations and two million on-demand programs that include streams from BBC, CBS and ESPN. Want to listen to a song? Search for it to see what stations are currently playing it. TuneIn can play in the background while you use other apps as well as allow you to pause and rewind live radio.

Zello Walkie Talkie

Zello Walkie Talkie

Remember talking to your friends on a walkie talkie? Now you can do it from your iPhone with Zello. Zello works with Android, BlackBerry and PCs, so your friends without iPhones can use it to talk to you. Zello also has community channels so you can network with others passionate about a shared interest or learn a new language with users from all over the world.

What apps do you recommend?


Either you’re already the envy of your friends with that iPad or you want to treat a loved one with a few surprises. Dress up and trick out the iPad to boost its style points and optimize its use. Yes, with a little accessorizing, it’s possible to take your iPad’s sexiness to new levels.

Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus

This pair isn’t just for cooks as it gives users the ability to interact with the iPad without worrying about making it dirty. The stylus and stand are hand-washable.

Belkin Chef Stand


Sometimes a small, flat gadget can be tough to type on. That’s not a problem with ComfyShell, which acts like a pillow for the iPad.


Duo Pop

Add popping controllers to play games with friends and family using compatible apps available on iTunes. Such games include In the Know, Guesstimation, Swoop and What on Earth?


Elecom Bluetooth Folding iPhone/iPad Keyboard

This light-weight portable folding keyboard comes with a carrying case, six multifunction buttons and a built-in stand.

Elecom Keyboard


Beautiful thin front-and-back protection available in many designs ranging from maps and art to patriotic and patterns. Artsy? Create your own.



Add character to the iPad with this protector that can stand on its own two feet and offers protection.



Turn the iPad into a retro desktop station reminiscent of the original Apple computers. iStation is available in two finishes, one is a faux wood finish with a white keyboard and the other is a white pearl glossy finish with a black keyboard. It includes buttons and dials for controlling volume, music and other features. Note: this is no longer available, but still worth a mention as you can request to be notified when it’s available.


L5 Universal Remote Control

Forget about keeping track of two or three remotes for one entertainment station. The customizable L5 Remote can control the TV set, DVD player, DVR and any other IR remote devices. It doesn’t require batteries, WiFi or a wall outlet. The L5 Remote app is free, so you can design your own remotes before buying the accessory.

L5 Remote

Monster CleanTouch Pen

Erase the smudges and fingerprints on the iPad with this pen that has an integrated clean cloth. Draw on the screen with the invisible pen, let the solution do the job for five to 10 seconds and wipe it clean with the cloth. The solution leaves behind a thin coating to prevent scratches and residue build up.

Monster CleanTouch Pen

Nomad Brush

Convert the iPad into a blank canvas and use this paintbrush that won’t scratch the screen.

Nomad Brush

OtterBox iPad 2 Reflex Series Case

OtterBox makes industrial strength cases that have prevented many gadgets from breaking. The case includes a screen shield that also acts as a stand, plus the case protects the front and back of the iPad.

Otterbox iPad

Square Credit Card Reader

Plug in the square into the iPad, install the free Square app and start collecting credit card payments with the iPad. The credit card reader is free as Square charges 2.75% per swipe.


Wi-Fi Body Scale

Use this scale with the Withings app to keep track of your weight, lean mass, fat percentage and BMI. Its dashboard can manage up to eight users.

Withings Scale


For those wanting more than a portable keyboard, the ZAGGfolio contains a removable and rechargeable Bluetooth keyboard and a built-in stand system for a sturdy experience that’s resembles typing on a laptop. It supports the iPad 2 in landscape and portrait orientation.


What other useful iPad accessories have you seen? What are your favorites?